Mercy to Fight the Battle

But You, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in mercy and loving-kindness and truth. O turn to me and have mercy and be gracious to me; grant strength (might and inflexibility to temptation) to Your servant and save the son of Your handmaiden. (Psalm 86:15, 16 AMP)

The person who wrote this Psalm knew God’s qualities and though he was talking to God as if to bring them to God’s mind, it was actually changing his own heart from fear and his enemies, to his merciful, gracious God.

Mercy in his heart for temptation
Mercy in his heart for temptation
He hadn’t been feeling the Lord near, so he asked Him to turn to him. Mercy and grace must give God’s servants, us, strength for temptation. So many paradoxes in God’s kingdom mercy a tender gift would give us strength for a battle. The writer’s mom, maybe not perfect, but a willing handmaiden. In the New Testament called herself a handmaiden of the Lord… A servant, “be it unto me as You say.”

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