Wait it Out

To Him Who divided the Red Sea into parts, for His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever; [Exod. 14:21, 22.] (Psalm 136:13 AMP)

A Way Over
A Way Over

There was a girl on a reality show who I felt was treated unfairly. She was given something that didn’t come natural for her against someone who was near an expert at it. But Ellie, we’ll call her, just tried her best with a happy, having fun attitude. She ended up being terminated for the show. But someone who had watched her attitude and how she gave her all, pulled her aside and said “You’re on my team now.” And she was privileged to stay on the show as well as the show is priviliged to have her still. That just spoke to me how we should trust no matter how things seem and leave the trouble to God.

The Israelites were between a rock and a hard place because they were needing to get across the river but no boats, canoes or wings. God in His mercy did something completely out of the ordinary and split the river in two. To be someone who is a recipient of that kind of love is to be someone surprised and joyful and very relieved. But even better is to be one who gives a way out to someone in a predicament. That’s giving mercy.

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