You Are So Beautiful

God said “I want to create a young lady who is pretty but pretty for my glory. She’ll have red hair that curls in the balmy air. She’ll have green eyes that are fiery when she’s angry. She’ll have just a few freckles to whimsy her face. She’ll have a foot that turns in slightly. This is only because I have a precious purpose for her and it will tender her heart.

“People through the years will do a double take and she will come to me with her youthful pain. I’ll show her how to be gracious and how to answer with a heart. She’ll begin to know that everyone has something they feel is funky when really you are all beautiful. ”

God wove us each with characteristics that are beautiful to Him. Some we say are goofy or maybe we even feel something is ugly. But God decorated you maybe with Garden Cottage


when you wanted Modern Eclectic. So the way He made you is beautiful in its own way just not the style you care for. Talk to Him about it. He longs to be near you and hear your voice. And He just might give you the reason for the way He created you.

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