Two Lovely Ladies

Who inspires me? A lady who knows God’s word inside out, addresses to verses included. I can say theres some verse that says something like… And she says oh that’s found… She prays for and loves her adult children. She is gracious to our small group even when we happen to be quite irritating. She can be tough with us when we need to grow. She’s loving to those of us who are wayward.

This sweet lady has a ministry cleaning houses. She does her work but never fails to listen to the joys and troubles of the owner of the house. They might even chat over a half a sandwich. I love her and her husband. They minister humbly and more faithfully than anyone i’ve ever known.

Then there’s a blogger, whose work I read, that gives me joy, peace and encouragement each time i read her. Her name is Holley Gerth and she loves us like we were her own. There’s never any doubt about that. I long and pray to be like her in her sensitivity to our needs. She’s funny, poignant, and welcomes us to have coffee or tea


with her. I believe it would be the most comfortable, insightful conversation lasting for hours. Lord may I have the chance some day either this or the other side of heaven. You made a precious woman in her.

Stop by Coffee for the Heart at for some encouraging words from quite a few bloggers.

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