He Sees

What is my favorite characteristic about God? It’s that He sees. There was a slave girl of Sarah’s, Abraham’s wife. She and her baby Ishmael were sent out into the wilderness because she tormented Sarah.

God saw her and her boy dehydrated in the wilderness.and had compassion on her a slave, she had teased Sarah, and her son, Ishmael’s, descendants would be the enemy of God’s people even up to now. God spoke to her and led her to water for her boy and her. What a privilege for her, or any of us to be loved by God. How much that would mean to her. And God showed us that we may be misbehaving but He loves us and watches over every detail of of every moment of our days just to make sure we have blessings along the way.

I was cooking soup


for my sister and she gave me some chicken broth to add. She said read the directions. At least i thought it was chicken broth. I took it, opened it and it was thick, solid actually. I assumed since it was condensed chicken broth the whole container went in the soup. She came in to the kitchen and looked at the empty container and said what did you do!?!? I told her what I had done and she said you only put 2 tablespoons! She started giggling. “Donna how do you do this?” So, she still loved me and she sent me home with a jar of bouillon. Grace. He sees me.

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2 thoughts on “He Sees

  1. Hey there… stopping by from Holley’s place today, sharing a little Coffee for Your Heart! My Mom gave me some of this chicken broth -non-broth (Flavor boost, or something?) Honestly – I am scared to try it! LOL! I tried to read the instructions on my package but could find none… so – even just ‘2 Tablespoons’ helps me out! (Thanks!)

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