May I Follow You?

For Christ did not please Himself
[gave no thought to His own interests];
but, as it is written,
The reproaches and abuses of those who reproached and abused you
fell on Me.
[Ps. 69:9.] (Romans 15:3 AMP)
Jesus gave to us not took from us.
He was concerned for our needs
Not concerned for His comfort.
He could have worried
“Am I impressing them?
Do I sound powerful and authoritative?
Will they approve of me?”
Instead it was “What is Truth?
What would heal?
What would set the sin-captive, free?”
He loved us like no Man before or since.
He knew every need we had and met it in a creative way.
The men captured her.
He wrote on the ground.
The captors left, heads held low,
feeling outsmarted and completely convicted.
“Who condemns you woman?”
“No one, Lord.”
“Neither do I. Go your way and sin no more.”
A Love like no other.
May I follow You, Lord? I love Your heart.


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