Stirring the Fire

The Angel of the Lord is Jesus.
There are other angels who aren’t Jesus
but are very powerful and protective of us.
But this is Jesus…the Name is the indication.
This was a job for Him.
To help Moses understand that
He was the man
The praying, imperfect, humble man
to lead God’s children to freedom from slavery.
Sometimes all we see is our weaknesses.
That was what was going on with Moses.
So he needed compassionate Jesus to reassure him”
Jesus is a fire in our hearts.image
Ever-burning in our hearts, never-consuming our personality..
Timothy lost his fire from fear.
Paul said, “Stir the fire, remember back to the moment we placed holy hands on you.
“We need you Timothy, in the battle. Be brave.”
If our hearts will burn with Jesus
People will stop to watch us.
And maybe even long for the fire.

The Angel of the Lord appeared to him
in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush;
and he looked, and behold, the bush burned with fire,
yet was not consumed.
(Exodus 3:2 AMP)

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