The Details of His Heart

There is no speech
nor spoken word [from the stars];
their voice is not heard.
Yet their voice [in evidence]
goes out through all the earth,
their sayings to the end of the world.
Of the heavens has God made a tent for the sun,
[Rom. 10:18.] (Psalm 19:3-4 AMP)

The stars, the trees, the sandy beach
don’t have voices audible to our ear.
But they speak.
They groan anxious to be free when Jesus returns.
They also wait for us to to be completely redeemed.
They show us what truth is and
Who our Savior is.
Even His nature.
The tall, ominous trees in “Lord of the Rings Trilogy”
Cheerfully and forcefully
Fought on behalf of Frodo.
The Sun lives in a tent God created
As a home for it
Out of the Milky Way.
The sun speaks peace for the beginning
And ending of our day.

Peaceful Sunset
Peaceful Sunset

The Lord’s throne is in the heavens
But He can’t bear to leave us on our own.
So His Name dwells with us
In many ways.
In our hearts.
In the trees.
In the Sun.
He’s calling us
Because He wants to show us
The depths and detail His heart will go
To bring us Home.

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