A Couple of Love Stories

God whispers to our hearts come to “the mountain with Me. I have secrets to tell you. They’ll help you help the people you love.” He called Moses that way. As Moses got to know God between the burning bush and the Exodus he learned to obey and seemed to grow in a deep curiosity and love for His Maker. His heart was uniquely worshipful so that God let him alone near.


Another man was called in a slightly different way. God whispered in his ear “Hosea, go marry that girl.” It was a suspenseful love story but also very tender. It was not in any way less spiritual than Moses’ call. Why God let that girl be named Gomer I’ll never know but Gomer bore Hosea several children then ran back to her old life. God and Hosea were angry and really torn up inside. It’s a picture of how I’ve done God and so many of us have. But there’s more to the story. Through many twists and turns sweet lost Gomer came home to stay. God said to her and all of us “When you were babes I held your hand to teach you to walk. How could I ever ever let you go? I will love you till the twelfth of never.

Mercy in his heart
Mercy in his heart

These are two of the many love stories in God’s word. Moses may not seem like one but it’s a passionate and tender love between him and God. God told him secrets that the Angels longed to look into. I believe those secrets weren’t revealed to us until after Jesus came. We can be this close to Him. It’s leaning, confiding, speaking His loving words and loving people.

. Moses alone shall come near the Lord; the others shall not come near, and neither shall the people come up with him. (Exodus 24:2 AMP)

So (Hosea) went and took Gomer the daughter of Diblaim, and she became pregnant and bore him a son. (Hosea 1:3 AMP)

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