God had just told Abraham and Sarah that they would have a baby by next year this time. Abraham said “How will you ever do that, Lord?” Abraham and Sarah were quite old and both had laughed at different times about having a baby at this age.
Is anything too hard or too wonderful for the Lord? …[Matt. 19:26.] (Genesis 18:14 AMP)
Is anything too hard for the Lord? Nothing is impossible with God.
Is anything too wonderful for the Lord? Too wonderful. What He gives that is wonderful is heavenly. It’s no longer possible on earth but wonderful is possible from heaven. Wonderful is a baby named Laughter when Daddy is 100 and Mommy is 90 y.o. Wonderful is a baby born in a manger so we could meet God. Wonderful is a man with compassion that moves Him to heal. Wonderful is to be redeemed and purchased from misery when that Man gave His life on a “Hill Far Away.”
Our lives are full of wonderfuls. I won’t list them all for you. But to know Jesus is to be awed in wonder. His heart is so seeing and so loving in spite of us. He’s Protector, Savior, Burden Bearer. There’s no better definition of Wonderful than Jesus.

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