God’s Pitching Arm

I am so sorry! I forgot all about our Funky Friday! I was internet shopping today and having trouble with my internet connection. I was frustrated all day. But that’s a different blog!
Our story today is about five kings going after a country called Gibeon. Not Gideon! But Gibeon. The king of Gibeon was scared naturally and he asked if Joshua would help him. Joshua and God’s army had quite a powerful reputation. Joshua said he would be glad to fight along side the king of Gibeon. So they battled for a while with the five countries then God started throwing stones from heaven, hailstones from His hands!
The king of Gibeon and Joshua were conquering the five kings’ armies but they just needed a little more time. So Joshua asked God to make the sun stand still


and the moon stay down for a day.


Well, they did! And the king and Joshua were the victors. Mostly thanks to God’s aim with the hailstones! He killed more enemies than Joshua and Gibeon’s king’s armies together!
That’s the funky one for today. Sorry it’s so late. Have a wonderful weekend. Take care. Love you.

Joshua 10:1-14

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