Wedding Wine

Jesus, His mom, His Disciples were at the wedding.
They were relaxing at the joyous party
When a small anomaly occurred.
The host of the wedding ran out of wine
before the party was ready to wind down.
Mary found out and asked Jesus to do something.
He hesitated then went ahead
and just nonchalantly changed gallons and gallons of water to wine.
The party was on!
The head servant tasted it just to be sure it was ok
And said it was fine wine better than usual.
He didn’t know what happened but the lower servants did.
Sometimes when you’re in a humble, lower place you are privy to God things.
He’s just like that.
Humble, caring, different and
He gives His best secrets to the meek.
So our holy, pure Savior turned water to wine.


Why is that funky?
He provided for a need.
He provided something frivolous to fill that need.
He wasn’t a stuffy Christian.
He had joy, gave joy.
I can see Him trying to keep from smiling
while the servants watched on.
What fun He must have had!
This is called a sign and wonder

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But it’s also a gift of mischievousness
And love for two people on their wedding day.

John 2:1-12

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