Sweet Craziness!

“… the Gospel (the glad tidings of salvation)
which I proclaimed to you,
which you welcomed and accepted
and upon which your faith rests,”
1 Corinthians 15:1 AMP
The Angels said “I bring you good tidings of great joy…”
It was such an exciting moment of craziness!
Angels, not two or three but a choir full came to earth.
The reason they were here was the cause of all the craziness.
The reason was a Baby.
A sweet newborn had come
Who happened to be from heaven…
The Son of God.
I love Christmas!
That was only part of the good tidings.
That Baby Jesus’ life and death and life after the tomb
That is the gospel all encompassing.
And the good news of His birth and resurrection
And the seeming bad news of the cross
Which is really the cleansing and healing of our souls,
All of that our soul can rest on.
My soul gets tired sometimes
and needs a cup of water

and Jesus to lean on.

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