United, Determined, Graced

…but be of good cheer
[take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted]!
For I have overcome the world. …
John 16:33 AMP

Unshaken in purpose
What comes to mind is not necessarily a warrior per say.
But in Lord of the Rings regular, everyday beings
Were doing battle with the Enemy.
Regular everyday Hobbits, Wizards, the Elfin people, Trees even


Armed themselves to fight a battle that was larger than all of them put together.
But something happens when we have a common enemy
And a common purpose
that the power multiplies
When we unite.
We each must be determined to do our part.
No matter what.
That’s undaunted.
Undaunted in our love for Jesus.
Undaunted in loving His word.
Undaunted in rejoicing in His love.
Undaunted in wearing our armor each day.
Not forgetting how forgiving He is when we slip
And how gracious
And that He has already overcome.

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