A Precious Prayer

Above is a vlog. Come back here to pinknewgirl.me when you’re finished.

Let Your ear now be attentive
and Your eyes open to listen to the prayer of Your servant
which I pray before You day and night
for the Israelites, Your servants,
confessing the sins of the Israelites
which we have sinned against You.
Yes, I and my father’s house have sinned.”
Nehemiah 1:6 AMP (this was inspired by the whole chapter 1 of Nehemiah.

Let Your ear now be attentive
And Your eyes opened to listen.
God’s ear is always near us when we pray.
He listens intently to people making requests with their heart.


He also watches us.
In watching us honesty is revealed.
In watching us tears are seen
and sincerity is observed.
Nehemiah was confessing his country’s sins
His family’s sins
And his own.
Maybe humility was something God observed with His eyes also.
If we follow the prayer of Nehemiah
our very first thing in times of trouble is to speak our sins before Him.
Then our requests are clean and pure.
Then our requests are answered.
Then most of all we come nearer His Name,
Nearer His company,
Nearer Him.

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