Bandits Out There!

“Teach me Your way, O Lord,
and lead me in a plain and even path
because of my enemies
[those who lie in wait for me].”
Psalm 27:11 AMP

The Lord has a way
There are choices we should make
There is a love we should have for Him
Not a forced love
But a love that grows inch by inch
For a tender Father above.
The better we know Him the more we love Him


The more we stay on a safe path.
Like the story of the the Good Samaritan
there were Bandits in wait for their victim in a place he was unaware of.
And most people walk by uncaring.
So we have to beware by following God’s path and loving Him.
Knowing if we fall there’s a Samaritan coming by
to rescue us and help us to heal.

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