“The Lord recompense you
for what you have done,
and a full reward be given you
by the Lord, the God of Israel,
under Whose wings
you have come to take refuge!”
Ruth 2:12 AMP

Boaz spoke these words to Ruth
Knowing that Ruth is now worshiping God, who was foreign to her

The God of Israel.
Ruth was from Moab.
She came to Israel with her mother-in-law, an Israelite.
Only her husband and Naomi’s husband had passed away.
Both widows.
I can imagine when they were alive that they had a wonderful time.
There was a kindness in Naomi and a strength that Ruth loved.
Ruth’s husband was fun-loving and worshipful of his God.
Naomi worshiped this God who sees Ruth’s heart,
He provides Ruth’s needs,
His eyes see her devotion and defend her.
That’s why Boaz could see Ruth came for refuge.
Under God’s wings.
His wings of grace.
His wings of welcome.
His wings of comfort.

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