Drama at Home

Tina had three children,
Raising them all alone.
They weren’t tough to raise.
Sweet kids.
Fun even, always a surprise.
Dress up and creative plays.
She had lots of drama in her house
But it was all in the cute and giggly form.
Her boyfriend of two months
Decided the kids were more than he was ready for.
She kind of expected it.
Happens every time.
“Lord Jesus, I’m bone weary.
I don’t want the hurt of these guys
Who disappoint me,
Let alone disappoint the kids.
They get so excited when they come by
But are heartbroken when
The guys are more interested in time alone with mom
Than in playtime with them.
It’s pitiful, the kids faces.
And the guys are just plain pitiful themselves.”
She told her Savior “My hand is holding yours
And I’m clinging to hope that help as You offer, it’ll come.”
“Hey kids! How ’bout a pizza and soda night?!?!”
Maybe some homespun drama to cheer her up.
She’d trust the hand she’s holding and holding hers.
He’s her sweet Friend
Who’s been tucked quietly and kindly by her side
through every failure of her men
And all the joy of her pumpkins.

Let us hold tightly
without wavering
to the hope we affirm,
for God can be trusted
to keep his promise. –
Hebrews 10:23 (NLT)

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