Winged Angels Watching God

“And you shall make two cherubim
(winged angelic figures) of [solid] hammered gold
on the two ends of the mercy seat.”
Exodus 25:18 AMP
These Angels were softly, strongly guarding the Mercy Seat.
They were formed of gold
so they were only a symbol
of what is in the Temple in Heaven.
And the Mercy Seat was a symbol also
but it was actually the place Moses met with God
Here on Earth.
I am so touched by the fact that God met Moses
At a place called Mercy.
He could have met him at Angry, or Judgement, or Justice.
But He didn’t.
He met him at tender mercies,
at I forgive you mercies,
at I love you no matter what mercies.
And back to the wings because
They cover God on the mercy seat.
They’re there watching the mercy
being displayed by this God they worship night and day.

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